Why Dr Anita Patel?

You have countless plastic surgeons to choose from, so why choose Dr. Patel? If you ask her patients and colleagues alike, it all comes down to trust.

Patients can sense right away she is not just listening to what they are saying, but hearing them.

She takes time to understand where each patient is coming from, and where it is he or she wants to go.

She will also give you an honest appraisal of what you need, and what you don’t need.

The vast majority of her patients come directly from referrals from existing patients, or referrals from other doctors and the medical community. 

Referring doctors trust her skill, trust her judgement, and trust she will do the best she can for each and every patient.

Dr. Patel stands out with her honesty and integrity, and truly enjoys the connections she makes with her patients.


Dr. Anita Patel is one of the few female Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Beverly Hills, California.

She is confident in her skills, yet always looking for ways to grow and improve.

Plastic surgery is a specialty that prizes growth and innovation, and Dr. Patel takes every opportunity to sharpen and hone her skills with continual re-education and sharing of ideas with colleagues from around the world.

She thrives in Beverly Hills because patients come from all over the world expecting the best, and that is what she aims to deliver.

She sets herself apart by the trust and connection she forms with her patients.

With experience comes the knowledge that each patient has a unique beauty standard or goal that he or she is striving to achieve or maintain.

To truly understand and meet a patient’s needs, Dr. Patel wants to learn about the motivations, fears, and goals behind seeking the surgery, and the expectations surrounding the results.

All of this is done from a place of kindness and understanding, and without judgement.

Dr. Patel values the relationships she forms with her patients. Bringing her patients joy and accompanying them through through their journey is hugely rewarding, and Dr. Patel feels fortunate to have this honor.

Dr. Patel has a unique perspective due to her background.

As a first-generation American, she grew up with parents who taught her Indian values and concepts of beauty.

Yet born and raised in the Midwest, she noted there was a different standard  of beauty, often referred to as the all-American Beauty. 

Not quite feeling as if she fit in sparked her initial interest in the concept of beauty, and what shapes and defines what each of us considers beautiful, or “gold-standard” ideals. 

The harmony of a face or the proportions of the body that make up the concept of beauty vary according to time and place and culture, and is the source of endless study.

Dr. Patel feels it is important to celebrate one’s individuality, rather than succumbing the pressure of the masses and looking like everyone else.

Beauty does not mean having surgery to standardize your features and have a body or face that fits the “ideal proportions” or fixed measurements.

True beauty comes from within, and Dr. Patel aims to match that on the outside in a way that makes you look like the best version of yourself, while retaining the features that make you interesting and unique.

Beauty is a fascinating concept to Dr. Patel, who feels the inter-relationship between inner beauty and outer beauty is where plastic surgery comes into play.

Restoring form and function is the very definition of plastic surgery, yet this alone is not what makes one beautiful.

There is an inner glow or confidence that each person has, and whether or not it is unlocked to its full potential is the question.

Plastic surgery can often get patients over that last hump before they feel good about a certain body area that was holding them back.  

Dr. Patel finds this aspect to be the most satisfying part of her profession- seeing a patient transform and live to their full potential after plastic surgery.

Sure one could say “you’re just changing a physical body part”, but if that change allows someone the mental freedom to be who they want to be, then plastic surgery is more about wellness than about vanity. The power to transform is the true power of plastic surgery.